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Canada Customers

Begining March 01, 2009, we are now shipping certain manufactures parts to Canada.
- Please register as a customer with TRD Parts On Line.
- Fill your shopping cart with the parts you need. DO NOT Proceed to the check out.
- Then call us during normal business hours (M-F/9-5 PDT) 702-395-7005 ext. 306
- Read us the content of your shopping cart and/or any additional parts you need.
- At that time we will ask you for a Credit Card and shipping options for your order.
- Your order will be shipped to the address you entered when you registered.
- All correspondence regarding your order will be sent to the email address registered.
- Please be sure to read our Canada Shipping Policy below.

Canada Shipping Policy

1) We ONLY ship via UPS (United Parcel Service). We can ship UPS Standard Ground (Day Definite by Date Scheduled), UPS Worldwide Expedited (2-5 Business Days), and UPS Worldwide Express (1-3 Business Days).
Please DO NOT ask us to ship United States Postal Service (USPS), Canadian Postal Service (CPS), Federal Express (FedEx), Pony Express (PE), Slow Boat (SB), or any other means of transportation.

2) We will ONLY ship Drawmer, Focusrite, SPL and Tube-Tech parts.
We will NOT ship guitar vacuum tubes, cables, speakers, etc. to Canada.

3) As per required International Documentation, all shipments will contain 3 Copies of a Commercial Invoice that will show all the parts and actual charges paid by the customer in the Invoice. Please do not ask us to falsify parts costs in order to reduce incoming duty charges.

4) In addition to the parts cost, shipping/handling/insurance costs, all shipments will be charged a $25.00 Customs Form Fee to cover the expense to fill out all the additional shipping documents required for International shipping.

5) Also be aware as in our normal Shipping Policy, there is no minimum order however if you order less than $25.00 in parts you will be charged a "Low Order Fee" of $5.00 in addtion to all the other fees and charges.

6) The customer or intended receiver is liable for ALL Customs brokerage charges, duties, and taxes imposed on the shipment when it arrives. If any Customs brokerage charges, duties, and taxes are charged back to TRD by UPS or its agents at a later date, these charges will be charged to your Credit Card at that time.

By purchasing parts from TRD and instructing TRD to ship those parts to Canada, the customer has read and agreed to ALL of the terms and conditions stated above.

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