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Fender High Gain kit. 2 selected high gain ECC83S tubes optimized for the preamp stage of Fender amplifiers of all eras which use a 12AX7/7025 first gain stage.Two high gain preamp tubes and one matched 12AT7 phase inverter.

Specially selected from premium Groove Tubes preamp tubes which have been tested in their normal rigorous fashion to meet the GT standard. Groove Tube's Special Applications Group (SAG) provides further testing and grading for certain performance characteristics.

This three tube set is optimized for your Fender amp which uses 12AX7 or 7025 tubes in V1 and V2. SAG-FHG includes two high gain preamp tubes to be used in the V1 and V2 positions, and one MPI (matched phase inverter) 12AT7 tube for the V3 position. The V1 and V2 tubes will increase the front end gain structure of your amplifier as much as 20% over the typical stock tubes you may have now. The matched phase inverter tube will assure a balanced output section when used with matched power tubes (highly recommended) which will assure sustain across the entire range of your instrument.

The MPI (Matched Phase Inverter) is a SAG Selected 12AT7 as is standard Fender practice.

Each of the three kit tubes is marked as to it's specific rating. In the future if you wish to change your gain structure, it is a simple matter to request a higher or lower value as the actual characteristics of your amplifier's gain stage is now known.

If you want a much more agressive Fender amp; blonde, brown, black or silver face, you may want to consider the SAG-MHG kit. These are two selected for high gain ECC83S tubes (one for V1 and one for V2) with more current output and a faster rise time than the typical 12AX7. These also have a bit more of a British flavor to some ears. Next, the SAG-AX7-MPI in this kit, rather than the Fender used 12AT7 (in the Fender kit this is an SAG-AT7-MPI). This will drive the output section harder and give you more breakup faster. In essence ... a more agressive amp. Many rock and blues players love this setup. There are no adjustments needed. Dropping in this kit takes less than 30 seconds.

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