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Tung-Sol 5881


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Tung-Sol Lamp Works was an old hand at electron tubes and such. Starting in 1907 they developed the first successful electric headlamp for cars, and followed that in 1913 with the two filament high and low beam headlight in a single bulb. They also developed the flashing turn signal, and made that little thing that goes click, click under the dashboard for almost every American car until the 1970's !

In the 1920's they entered the electronics field and applied their basic company policy "make the best that can be made." Of course Tung-Sol's greatest contribution to the world of audio was the 6550, conceived and developed for Hi-Fi and introduced in 1955. And 51 years later you still find many of these orginal tubes in use today!

Now in 2006 the Tung-Sol name and trademark have been acquired by the New Sensor Corporation. These brand new Tung-Sol tubes are manufactured at their Xpo-Pul factory (also known as Reflektor) in Saratov, Russia, along with their other brands, Svetlana,Electro-Harmonix, Sovtek, and their addition last year of the Mullard brand. New Sensor since taking ownership of this legendary tube factory has been steadily improving production methods insuring the quality of current production tubes will meet or exceed currently available NOS tubes.

OK enough history... So how do they reissues sound? Built just like the old original T-S 5581, these new Tung-Sol 5881's have quite a bit of compression when pushed but still retain their full spectrum of clarity. If you want to tighten up an old Fender 6L6 amp, then this the tube for you. Tight "in your face" punch in the low end combine with crystal clean mountain stream highs to yield a tube without equals.
Tighter than the GT-6L6GE, more character than the Sovtek 5881, and quieter than the almost noiseless Sovtek 6L6WXT+, this tube screams in combo amps. Try a pair in Hot Rod DeVille and you'll never look back.

Price is for a Matched Pair
Buy 2 for a Matched Quad

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